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Remembering the Classy Past..

everything 20's-60's

we dig the past dahling!
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Do you dig the past dahling?
This is a community for anyone who knows that they were born in the wrong generation and feel as if they are just stuck in the past. Feel free to post anything pertaining to the past. Anything from actreses/actors, styles, classic films, music, and basically anything and everything along those lines.

The winner of Famous Figure From the Past
for January is: The Marx Brothers!

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2006 Winners
2005 Winners
December: Bob Hope
November: Bette Davis
October: Katharine Hepburn
September: Clark Gable
August: Julie Andrews
July: Rosemary Clooney
June: Fred Astaire
May: Bing Crosby
April: Gene Kelly
March: Cary Grant
February: Greta Garbo
January: Judy Garland
2004 Winners
December: James Stewart
November: Vivien Leigh
October: Ingrid Bergman
September: James Dean
August: Lucille Ball
July: Elizabeth Taylor
June: Twiggy
May: Rita Hayworth
April: Frank Sinatra
March: Audrey Hepburn

To vote, look for posts at the end of every month.

The winner of the Poll of the Month
for November/December is: "Can't Help Falling In Love"

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

2006 Winners
2005 Winners
September/October: I Love Lucy

To vote, look for posts at the beginning of every other month.

~Please be respectful to everyone because everyone has their own taste.
~Community promotion is allowed as long as it has to do with the past.
~Please try to keep all posts relating to the past, and no quiz results or frivolous posts like that.
~Have fun posting and meeting people with similar taste.

Moderator: TBA
Co-mod: themurcurytree
Co-mod: summer_rose

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Members, feel free to fill this out so we can get to know you.

~What's your favorite decade?
~What's your favorite classic film?
~Who's your favorite classic movie star?
~Who's your favorite singer/musician/band from the past?
~What's your favorite aspect of the past?
~Who's your favorite historical figure?

This community is open to all aspects and people of the past. This means this community is open to a broad range of interests. Everyone who respects and takes interest in the classy past is encouraged to join!